In the Footsteps of Pilgrims

Follow in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims as you walk from from Salisbury in Wiltshire to Guildford in Surrey via the Test, Itchen and Wey Valleys. Discover pretty villages, historic churches and beautiful country pubs on this unique walking holiday.

From Salisbury you follow the Clarendon Way for two days, crossing the Test Valley before arriving at Winchester Cathedral. A night in this historic city is not to be missed before you walk beside the crystal clear waters of the River Itchen to the Georgian town of Alresford.

Here you leave the Itchen Valley following broadly the tracks of the Watercress Line over the "Hampshire Alps" to Alton at the source of the River Wey. From Alton you walk on the northern side of the Wey Valley to Farnham in Surrey, an old English market town with narrow streets lined with some of the finest Georgian architecture in the South of England and a parish church and castle dating back to the 12th Century.

On the final day you follow the first stage of the North Downs Way before ending your holiday in Guildford. The St. Swithun's Way and the North Downs Way combine to form the Pilgrims' Way, a long distance path connecting Winchester to the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury.

Most people walk from west to east, starting in Salisbury or Winchester and finishing in Farnham or Guildford. However you can start in Surrey and walk west into Hampshire of course.

The walking distances each day may vary depending on the accommodation you choose each night. Large groups may need to use hotels and inns in towns nearby. We can provide transport for the group between the trail and your accommodation.

Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, England

Three Days - St. Swithun's Way

For groups that do not have the time to walk the whole route we offer a three day weekend or mid-week break along the St. Swithun's Way from Winchester to Farnham.

Day 1 - Walk from Winchester to Alresford - 10 miles / 16 kms
Day 2 - Walk from Alresford to Alton - 11 miles / 17.5 kms
Day 3 - Walk from Alton to Farnham - 12 miles / 19 kms

Salisbury in snow, Wiltshire, England

Six Days - Clarendon Way and St. Swithun's Way

Day 1 - Walk from Salisbury - Houghton - 13 miles / 21 km
Day 2 - Walk from Houghton to Winchester - 13 miles / 21 km
Day 3 - Walk from Winchester to Alresford - 10 miles / 16 kms
Day 4 - Walk from Alresford to Alton - 11 miles / 17.5 kms
Day 5 - Walk from Alton to Farnham - 12 miles / 19 kms
Day 6 - Walk from Farnham to Guildford - 12 miles / 19 kms

The six day itinerary is within the ability of most regular walkers. However should members of the group need to skip a day we will provide transport to your next hotel. All our holidays include luggage transfers each day so you can enjoy your walk without having to carry a heavy pack.

Booking accommodation is by far the biggest challenge when organising a walking holiday. We have listed some of the better hotels and inns with links to TripAdvisor where you can read customer reviews and check prices and availability.

If you like an early start, when booking accommodation check the time breakfast is served in the morning. All should be able to provide packed lunches. For those finishing late, check when evening meals end. If you plan to arrive mid afternoon check country inns are open as many close between 3 and 6 pm.

For groups of 4 or more people we can help organise your holiday or event and provide support services during your walk. These include group transport, luggage and group transfers each day, first aid support and an accommodation booking service.

Luggage Transfers

Your bags are collected each morning and moved between hotels and inns leaving you to enjoy each day without having to carry a heavy pack.

Group Transport

With our minibuses and trailers we can transport your group and luggage from your home or airport to the start and back to your parked cars, home or airport at the end.

Hotel Reservations

Due to the shortage of accommodation outside of the cities finding rooms for a group can be difficult. Our accommodation booking service can help.

Trail Support

For groups we can provide trail support. A driver and minibus will provide assistance when needed. Your luggage, hot and cold drinks and food will be available in the vehicle.


Navigation along the footpaths is quite straightforward but some groups enjoy having a local guide walk with them to provide help, encouragement and local information.

Local Transfers

We can provide minibus transport between the trail and your accommodation. You will be met at the start and end of each day and transported between the trail and your hotel or inn.

The journey time between Guildford and Salisbury for a minibus is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes although this varies depending on the time of day. At weekends and on public holidays the journey time can be longer.

If you are parking your car in Salisbury or Winchester there are several long term car parks available. We can meet you at your car to collect your luggage at the start of your trip and drop you back there from Guildford or Farnham at the end.

Tell us about the trip you are planning and the services that you would like us to provide. We will then confirm availability of accommodation and vehicles and provide prices.

The Trail

  • Distance: 67 miles / 108 kms
  • Duration: 3-6 days
  • Start point: Salisbury Cathedral
  • End point: Guildford Cathedral